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How To Do Your End Of Lease Cleaning
21Nov 2014
Leaving your house to move to another place is filled with stress, excitement and nervousness as well as also having to think about your end of lease cleaning that you need to carry out, before you vacate the premises. Taking care of your end of tenancy clean through a cleaning company often means it leaves you time to get the important stuff done, like packing, legalities and other small things. The fact is that this type of cleaning, whilst can be undertaken by yourself, is best left to the professionals! Cleaning agencies especially the ones that specialize in all types of cleaning, are the best for this sort of job. Below are some tips to be able get a professional cleaning done:•    Find the right type of cleaning company. With so many different companies on the market, it is tough to find the right one. Depending on what you have on your floor, be it a carpet, linoleum or floorboards, all these different types of flooring require unique type of cleaning. Not every company can offer the specific type of cleaning you are looking for, so before you book yourself in for one, find out if they have experience in that specific field.•    Speaking of experience, your end of lease cleaning must be carried out by professionals in a company. A lot of people can claim to have the experience when it comes to cleaning your place professionals, however before you book the company, it Is in your best interest to ask them how long they have been in business for, as this will tell you what their service would be like. Chances are, the longer they have been trading for, the more satisfied their customers are, which often results in better service.•    Ask for their checklist. Every good cleaning company has a checklist, often displayed on their website. A cleaning checklist is basically everything that the experts will clean for you on the day, or over a period of time that they have been contracted for. This list will show you what it is you actually need cleaning at your place, because you may not have a specific place like a utility room or a under the stairs store, to be cleaned. Also a checklist will bring you to your main priority.•    Once you know what rooms you need cleaning and which bits don’t (because you can take care of them yourself!), then you need to sit down and work out your budget. Moving house in itself is quite expensive with all the other things that you are paying for like lawyer’s fees, estate agents, rent in advance, legalities, removals and other things. You want a company that can work with your budget, is affordable and is able to give you the best service without breaking your bank. •    Ask the company if they clean furniture inclusive as well. A lot of times, most people are living in a furnished place and whilst you are aware that the house cleaning will involve cleaning things like the floors, bathroom, kitchen and walls; you need to be sure that if the furniture belongs to the landlord/landlady, that it is included in the quote they give you. If you need it cleaned and it isn’t, kindly request how much the surcharge will be as you do not want a surcharge that is added to the tab once the team is at your place.

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