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How to Clean your Carpets without Damaging the Fibres
18Jun 2015

Carpets and rugs go through a lot of hardships on a daily basis. Muddy paw prints and coffee spills eventually takes a toll on our floors, leaving them dull and lifeless. To revitalise your carpets and have them looking as good as the day you moved in, you’ve got to spend some time cleaning them. By following these rug and carpet cleaning tips, you can have floors that welcome each pair of feet that may come their way.

Preparing the Room
You need to get the room prepared and ready for a deep cleaning. The first thing to do is to pick up any items such as children’s toys or shoes that have been left on the floor. If you can, remove the room furniture as well to make more room and to allow you to access every inch of the room. If this isn’t possible then place square pieces of aluminium foil beneath the feet of your furniture. Take a stiff brush with hard bristles and begin brushing through the carpet. This will help to lift the dirt that has fallen deeper into the carpet fibres, making the vacuuming process a lot more effective.

Before you contact a cleaning service you may want to vacuum your floors. Carpet fibres are twisted which means a simple once over with the vacuum won’t do much good. Vacuuming both horizontally and vertically means that you reach each fibre more effectively which will produce the best finished results. Use an attachment on the nozzle to reach the more difficult areas of the carpet such as the corners. If you have pets then your carpets are sure to have lots of caught pet hair clung to their fibres. A simple brushed vacuum nozzle will sweep away the hairs in a matter of seconds.

Cleaning Products
To keep your house clean, the carpets need to be maintained well. The best tool to blot with is a simple white cloth. Avoid using a coloured cloth as this could result in unwanted colour transfer to your rugs or carpets which can be difficult to remove later. Powdered carpet cleaners are a popular choice for extra clean results. Simply apply the powder and leave it to set for at least 30 minutes before going in with your vacuum to remove the product afterwards. Another great option is to use carpet shampoo. This type of solution is made to lift tough stains. Usually it is advised to avoid scrubbing carpet stains but in the case of carpet shampoo, a gentle scrub with a hard-bristled brush will be the most effective cleaning method.

Steam Cleaning
You can rent or buy a steam cleaner to leave your carpets looking fresher for longer. Using a relevant detergent, the steamer will wash away any carpet stains. Thanks to its built in heating core, water stays hotter for longer which means it’s a less time consuming cleaning option. Make sure that none of the family walk on the carpet until it has completely dried after the steaming treatment to avoid any muddy footprints or carpet damage.

Professional Cleaners
You can easily hire a cleaning agency to come and use their cleaning services on your carpeted floors. To find the best deal possible, do a little research online or ask friends and family for any good suggestions. A cleaning company will ensure that your carpets and rugs are left looking brand new, bring them and your home back to life.

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