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Best Tips For Cleaning A Suitcase
13Apr 2014
A suitcase can be vital when it comes to travelling, whether you are travelling for work or for pleasure. With all of your most vital possessions inside, a suitcase can often be the one thing which is protecting your items from the extremities of the outside world. As such, they can often be subject to a huge amount of abuse and can often end up in desperate need of a clean. But knowing how to clean a suitcase is an issue which may people might not have come upon before. Read on to discover just how you can benefit from the joys of a truly clean suitcase next time you need to travel. The first step which you should take is to determine whether the suitcase is even worth cleaning. In some instances, the dirt and the dust might only be on the outside and there might not even be much which requires your attention. In these circumstances, a simple vacuuming can remove most of the problems. Depending on the material which the case is made from, an in depth clean too often might do more harm than good. Likewise, if the suitcase is only cheap and the damage and dirt appears to be a big job, question whether it is even worth having to clean the thing at all. In these circumstances, it might just be easier to buy a replacement. However, some suitcases, even cheap ones, can have a huge sentimental value. If you do decide to clean the suitcase, then the obvious first step is to take everything out. Many suitcases today come fitted with pockets and hidey holes in all sorts of places, so be sure to pay attention to every nook and cranny in order to ensure that everything is removed from the case. The next step is to get rid of the dust. Dust can build up in all sorts of places, but the surface on the outside is likely the worst offender. Brush down the exterior of the luggage with a broom or a dry brush, which should do a good job of loosening the dust. The upholstery attachment which you might find with a vacuum cleaner might be particularly helpful here, and can be uses to extract any particularly large particles. Vacuum on the inside as well, including those little pockets which you have so diligently cleared out. If removing dust and dirt is your only concern, then stopping the cleaning solution at this point might be all that is required. For those who wish to provide a deeper cleaning solution, hand washing the bag in a mild detergent could be useful. If this is the option you choose to undertake, make sure to check to see whether the material which the suitcase is made from will not be damaged. If unsure, it might not be worth risking it. If you do clean it, rinse and dry the bag thoroughly. For those interior areas, if the suitcase is lined with plastic, a firm wipe down with a damp cloth can have a great cleaning effect, though try not to use the same cloth you used to clean the filth off the outside. Fabric interiors can be vacuumed and wiped with a dry cloth. Using an odour reducing spray can be beneficial at this time in order to make sure that the case is fresh and ready to go next time you use it. It does hold your clothes, after all. The final step is to let the suitcase dry out. Make sure that not only the exterior is dry, but the interior pockets and corners as well.

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