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Top Tips For Keeping On Top Of Domestic Cleaning Chores
21Mar 2014
Keeping on top of the domestic household chores at home is a great way of keeping the work load down. Most people will wash and iron regularly to keep their piles of laundry down and making the job easier. Same goes for any other general household duty, if it’s addressed regularly, chances are it will not be such a big job when the time comes to do it again. Not everybody has the time others may have to do these jobs at home, some people can do household cleaning duties daily, whereas others may only get the chance to do it once a week. It doesn’t matter when or how often you can accomplish these tasks, just as long as you do it often. The problem many people face is that when things at home are left for too long, the job becomes such a major chore that this can lead to a situation where the mere thought of starting is exhausting in itself, not knowing quite where to start usually ends up being a situation where you once again put if off for another day. The more days you put the job off, the worse the situation becomes and before you know it, your stick in a bit of a rut! Try not to fall into this trap and it can be difficult to get out of.Follow our advice for keeping on top of the household cleaning chores. Tip 1, Make a rota!Making a rota is a good place to start, make a simple plan which fits into your personal lifestyle and around other commitments you may have. Start by noting down all of the weekly chores you need to do to keep the workload down, such as washing, ironing, vacuuming, dusting etc. Next write down jobs which can be done every two weeks such as, changing bed covers, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, washing tiles, flooring etc Then write down jobs which only have to be done monthly such as a more intense vacuum which includes moving furniture, beds etc. Every few months could include windows, skirting boards etcAnd finally try to do a deep clean every 6 months, this may include a thorough clean f everything and a sort out. You may wish to wash or clean carpets, rugs and sofas too Tip 2, don’t stress!Now that you have a plan in place, try to stick to it, if finding time is difficult one particular month, don’t let that worry you. Instead, prioritise the more important jobs and work accordingly and as long as the job is accomplished at some point, it’s not the end of the world if it’s not done on that particular day you desired. Tip 3, reduce the workload!Think of ways that could reduce the workload if the monthly schedule ahead is rather full, for instance clean the kitchen thoroughly after cooking the evening meal one night, and at least you can cross that one off the list sooner. Tip 4, Get help if you need to!There is help available for those who really haven’t got the time at all; you can hire domestic cleaning agencies to attend to weekly chores, monthly chores or every 6 months, if you wish? They can perform all household duties to suit your specific needs or you may wish to only seek hired help for certain jobs, such as upholstery and carpet cleaning? Agency cleaners can do a remarkable job at reviving old or grubby furnishings and carpets, bringing a new lease of life back into your home and it costs a hell of a lot less than it would if you had to buy new.